Diary: January 2000

  • Once again, we welcomed in the New Year with our neighbors and a few new friends we’ve made since moving to Henniker almost two years ago. It was the perfect way to celebrate the final year of the old millenium.
    (Yes, we’re sticking with the scientists on the fact that the new millenium really starts on January 1, 2001.)
  • I saw the most beautiful owl hunting our back field a few days ago. It wasn’t around for very long, but I believe it was a Northern Hawk Owl based on its markings and behavior. Hopefully this was not a one-time occurrence.
  • We’ve broken the 1956 record for the latest winter date (January 8) with no appreciable snow-fall. It finally snowed enough to barely cover the ground on the 15th. There’s still not enough for snowmob’s though and it’s colder than heck. I didn’t realize how smart I was when I taught Kisa (my dog) to pee on command… poor Tom is lucky if he can get Larkin (his dog… at least during the winter) to stop playing in the leaves long enough to get him back in the house.)
  • I started swimming lessons. I think I found the right instructor this time because I’m actually making progress… at least my kick no longer propels me backwards. I’m finding it hard to believe I didn’t learn how before now.
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